Kenny Washington Discography

The Men in My Life

Lena Horne The Men in My Life

Lena Horne

Recorded May, June & July 1988
at Clinton Recording Studios, New York

Three Cherries TC 64411

Frank Owens (key)
Mike Renzi (key)
Rodney Jones (g)
Jay Leonhart (b)
Victor Gaskin (b)
Benjamin Franklin Brown (b)
Kenny Washington (ds)
Sammy Figueroa (perc)
Lena Horne (vo)

The Orchestra
  1. September Song (Kurt Weill, Maxwell Anderson)
  2. The Eagle and Me (Harold Arlen, E.Y. Harburg)
  3. It Could Happen to You (James Van Heusen, Johnny Burke)
  4. Sing My Heart (Harold Arlen, Ted Koehler)

Kenny Washington Discography
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