Kenny Washington Discography

Here's to My Lady

Phil Woods Here's to My Lady

Phil Woods

Recorded December 20-21, 1988
at RCA Studio, NYC

Chesky JD3

Phil Woods (as, cl)
Tommy Flanagan (p)
George Mraz (b)
Kenny Washington (ds)

  1. Superette (Tom Harrell)
  2. Johnny Hodges (Phil Woods)
  3. Another Love Song (Phil Woods)
  4. Canadian Sunset (Eddie Heywood)
  5. Charles Christopher (Phil Woods)
  6. Butter (Jerry Dodgion)
  7. Visions of Gaudi (Tom Harrell)
  8. Yours Is My Heart Alone (Harry Smith, Franz Lehar)
  9. Blue and Sentimental (Count Basie, Jerry Livingston, Mack David)
  10. Origins (Hal Crook)
  11. Here's to My Lady (Johnny Mercer)
  12. Waltz for Debby (Gene Lees, Bill Evans)
  13. Just Us (Hal Galper)

Kenny Washington Discography
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