Kenny Washington Discography

Love Songs

Jackie Paris Love Songs

Jackie Paris

Recorded November 27-28, 1989
at Clinton Recording Studios, NYC

EmArcy Phonogram PHCE-5020

Randy Brecker (tp, flh)
Jim McNeely (p)
Mike Richmond (b)
Kenny Washington (ds)
Jackie Paris (vo)

  1. That's All (B. Haymes, A. Brandt)
  2. Falling in Love with Love (L. Hart, R. Rodgers)
  3. You'd Be So Nice to Come Home (C. Porter)
  4. Some Enchanted Evening (O. Hammerstein II, R. Rogers)
  5. Deep Night (R. Vallee, C. Henderson)
  6. How Deep Is the Ocean (I. Berlin)
  7. Until the Real Thing Comes Along (S. Cahn, S. Chaplin, L.E. Freeman, M. Holiner, A. Nichols)
  8. Wrap Your Troubles in Dream (T. Kohler, H. Barris, B. Moll)
  9. My Old Flame (A. Johnston, S. Coslow)
  10. Dearly Be Lobed (J. Mercer, J. Kerns)

Kenny Washington Discography
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