Kenny Washington Discography

May I Come In

Lorez Alexandria May I Come In

Lorez Alexandria

Recorded August 16-17, 1990
at Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ

Muse MCD 5420

Houston Person (ts)
Stan Hope (p)
Rodney Jones (g)
Ray Drummond (b)
Kenny Washington (ds)
Sammy Figueroa (perc)
Lorez Alexandria (vo)

  1. I Can Dream Can't I (I. Kahal, S. Fain)
  2. Are You with Me (A. Hamilton)
  3. The Day It Rained (A.C. Jobim)
  4. May I Come In (M. Fisher, J. Segal)
  5. You Don't Know What Love Is (D. Raye, G. DePaul)
  6. Wave (A.C. Jobim)
  7. I Wish I Knew (M. Gordon, H. Warren)
  8. Sweet Pumpkin (R.L. Bright)
  9. What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life (M. Legrand, A. Bergman, M. Bergman)

Kenny Washington Discography
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