Kenny Washington Discography

The Cat

Johnny Griffin The Cat

Johnny Griffin

Recorded October 26 & 28-29, 1990
at BMG Recording Studios, NYC

Antiless 422-848 421-2

Curtis Fuller (tb)
Johnny Griffin (ts)
Steve Nelson (vib)
Michael Weiss (p)
Dennis Irwin (b)
Kenny Washington (ds)

  1. The Cat (Johnny Griffin)
  2. Wistful (Johnny Griffin)
  3. What Do You Do? (Johnny Griffin)
  4. Chicago's Calling (Johnny Griffin)
  5. Woe Is Me (Johnny Griffin)
  6. The Count (Johnny Griffin)
  7. 63rd Street Theme (Johnny Griffin)
  8. Hot Sake (Johnny Griffin)
  9. Waltz for Ma (Johnny Griffin)

Kenny Washington Discography
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