Kenny Washington Discography

Bop City: Live at Birdland

Greg Abate Bop City: Live at Birdland

Greg Abate Quartet

Recorded July 28, 1991
Live at Birdland, NYC

Candid CCD 79513

Greg Abate (as, ts, fl)
James Williams (p)
Rufus Reid (b)
Kenny Washington (ds)

  1. Bop City (Greg Abate)
  2. Minorism (Greg Abate)
  3. What Is This Thing Called Love? (Cole Porter)
  4. The Gypsy (Billy Reed)
  5. Peaks Beaks (Greg Abate)
  6. Basting the Bird (Hal Crook)
  7. Andromeda (Greg Abate)
  8. These Foolish Things (Harry Link, Eric Maschwitz, Jack Strachey)
  9. The You 'Uns (Greg Abate)
  10. Opportunity (Hal Crook)
  11. Gemini Mood (Greg Abate)
  12. Sax O'Blues (Greg Abate)

Kenny Washington Discography
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