Kenny Washington Discography

Portraits by Ellington

Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra Portraits by Ellington

Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra

Recorded August 10-11, 1991
Live at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, NYC

Columbia CK 53145

John Longo (tp)
Chuck Connors (btb)
Dr. Michael White (cl)
Andy Stein (vn)
Steve Nelson (vib)
Paul Meyers (g)
Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra
David Berger (cond)
Wynton Marsalis (tp)
Marcus Belgrave (tp, flh)
Umar Sharif (tp)
Lew Soloff (tp)
Art Baron (tb)
Wycliffe Gordon (tb)
Britt Woodman (tb)
Bill Easley (cl, ts)
Norris Turney (as)
Frank Wess (as)
Todd Williams (ts)
Joe Temperley (brs)
Sir Roland Hanna (p)
Reginald Veal (b)
Kenny Washington (ds, timp)
Milt Grayson (vo)

  1. Portrait of Louis Armstrong (D. Ellington)
  2. Thanks for the Beautiful Land on the Delta (D. Ellington)
  3. Portrait of Bert Williams (D. Ellington)
  4. Bojangles (D. Ellington)
  5. Self Portrait of the Bean (D. Ellington)
  6. Second Line (D. Ellington)
  7. Total Jazz (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn)
  8. Liberian Suite
  9. I Like the Sunrise (D. Ellington)
  10. Dance No. 1 (D. Ellington)
  11. Dance No. 2 (D. Ellington)
  12. Dance No. 3 (D. Ellington)
  13. Dance No. 4 (D. Ellington)
  14. Dance No. 5 (D. Ellington)

Kenny Washington Discography
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