Kenny Washington Discography

Harlem Renaissance

The Benny Carter Harlem Renaissance

The Benny Carter Big Band and the Rutgers University Orchestra

Recorded February 7, 1992
Live at The State Theatre, Part of the New Brunswick Cultural Center, New Brunswick, NJ

MusicMasters 01612-65080-2

The Benny Carter Big Band
John Eckert (tp)
Richard Grant (tp)
Virgil Jones (tp)
Michael Mossman (tp)
Eddie Bert (tb)
Curtis Hasselbring (tb)
Benny Powell (tb)
Dennis Wilson (tb)
Benny Carter (as, cond)
Frank Wess (as, fl)
Ralph Bowen (as, fl)
Loren Schoenberg (ts)
Jeff Rupert (ts)
Danny Bank (brs, fl)
Chris Neville (p)
Remo Palmier (g)
Lisle Atkinson (b)
Kenny Washington (ds)

  1. Disc 1
  2. The Benny Carter Big Band
  3. Vine Street Rumble (Benny Carter)
  4. Sao Paolo (Benny Carter)
  5. I Can't Get Started (Vernon Duke, Ira Gershwin)
  6. Stockholm Sweetnin' (Quincy Jones)
  7. Evening Star (Benny Carter)
  8. How High the Moon (Nancy Hamilton, William M. Lewis Jr. )
  9. Disc 2
  10. The Benny Carter Big Band and Orchestra
  11. Tales of the Rising Sun Suite
  12. August Moon (Benny Carter)
  13. Teatime (Benny Carter)
  14. Song of Long Ago (Benny Carter)
  15. Samurai Song (Benny Carter)
  16. Chow Chow (Benny Carter)
  17. Harlem Renaissance Suite
  18. Lament for Langston (Benny Carter)
  19. Sugar Hill Slow Drag (Benny Carter)
  20. Happy Feet (Benny Carter)
  21. Sunday Morning (Benny Carter)
  22. Happy Feet—Reprise (Benny Carter)

Kenny Washington Discography
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