Kenny Washington Discography

Dance of Passion

Johnny Griffin Dance of Passion

Johnny Griffin Quartet +3

Recorded April 29-30, 1992
at BMG Studios, NYC

Antiless 314 512 604-2

Steve Turre (tb)
John Clark (frh)
Dave Bargeron (tu)
Johnny Griffin (ts)
Michael Weiss (p)
Peter Washington (b)
Kenny Washington (ds)

  1. From Here to There (Johnny Griffin)
  2. Dance of Passion (Johnny Griffin)
  3. Make up Your Mind (Johnny Griffin)
  4. The Way It Is (Johnny Griffin)
  5. Take My Hand (Johnny Griffin)
  6. You've Never Been There (Johnny Griffin)
  7. Dawn (Johnny Griffin)
  8. All Through the Night (Cole Porter)

Kenny Washington Discography
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