Kenny Washington Discography

Tell It Like It Is

Tenor Triangle Melvin Rhyne Tell It Like It Is

The Tenor Triangle with the Melvin Rhyne Trio

Recorded January 4, 1993
at RPM Studio, NYC

Criss Cross CRISS 1089

Ralph Lalama (ts)
Eric Alexander (ts)
Tad Shull (ts)
Melvin Rhyne (org)
Peter Bernstein (g)
Kenny Washington (ds)

  1. Tell It Like It Is (W.Shorter)
  2. Thing One (T. Shull)
  3. Minor Changes (P. Bernstein)
  4. Ballad Medley
    When Sunny Gets Blue (Fisher, Segal)
    Cherokee (Noble)
    Memories of You (Razaf, Blake)
  5. Lazy Bird (J. Coltrane)
  6. Body and Soul (Heyman, Sour, Green)
  7. The Eternal Triangle (S. Stitt)

Kenny Washington Discography
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