Kenny Washington Discography

This Is the Life

Freddy Cole This Is the Life

Freddy Cole

Recorded January 13, 1993
at Eastside Sound, NY

Muse MCD 5503

Cecil Bridgewater (tp)
Steve Turre (tb)
Houston Person (ts)
Freddy Cole (vo, p)
Jerry Byrd (g)
Tom Hubbard (b)
Kenny Washington (ds)

  1. Easy to Love (C. Porter)
  2. Somewhere Down the Line (C. Kelly, L. Anderson)
  3. A Place in the Sun (Movin' On) (R. Miller, B. Wells)
  4. Sunday Kind of Love (B. Bell, A.L. Nye, L. Prima, S. Rhodes)
  5. Sweet Beginning (L. Bricusse, A. Newley)
  6. I Loved You for a Minute (Lionel F. Cole, P. Curtis)
  7. When Love Is Looking Your Way (Lionel F. Cole, A. Higdon)
  8. Don't Change Your Mind About Me (L. Adelson, I. Carpenter)
  9. This Is the Life (C. Strouse, L. Adams)

Kenny Washington Discography
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