Kenny Washington Discography

The Very Thought of You

Della Griffin The Very Thought of You

Della Griffin

Recorded November 26, 1996 [sic]
at Acoustic Recording Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Savant SCD 2001

Houston Person (ts)
David Brabam (p)
Vinnie Corrao (g)
Ray Drummond (b)
Kenny Washington (ds)
Della Griffin (vo)

  1. My Melancholy Baby (E. Burnett, G.A. Norton, M.E. Watson)
  2. The Very Thought of You (R. Noble)
  3. All of Me (G. Marks, S. Simons)
  4. Misty (E. Garner, J. Burke)
  5. This Bitter Earth (C. Otis)
  6. Yesterdays (J. Kern, O. Harbach)
  7. It Could Happen to You (J. Burke, J. Van Heusen)
  8. You Go to My Head (F.J. Coots, H. Gillespie)
  9. Sunday (C. Conn, B. Krueger, N. Miller, J. Styne)

Kenny Washington Discography
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