Kenny Washington Discography

Gary Smulyan with Strings

Gary Smulyan with Strings

Gary Smulyan

Recorded December 23, 1996
at RPM Studio, NYC

Criss Cross CRISS 1129

Gary Smulyan (brs)
Mike LeDonne (p)
Peter Washington (b)
Kenny Washington (ds)
Bob Belden (cond)
Mark Feldman (vn)
Laura Seaton (vn)
Jon Kass (vn)
Regina Carter (vn)
Cenovia Cummins (vn)
Ron Lawrence (va)
Erik Friedlander (vc)
Tomas Ulrich (vc)
Clay Ruede (vc)

  1. The Bad and Beautiful (D. Raksin)
  2. Lush Life (B. Strayhorn)
  3. Thanks for You (Wright, Hanighen)
  4. It Happens Quietly (Kaye, Dankworth)
  5. Don't Follow the Crowd (B. Lee)
  6. We've Got a Sure Thing (Burke, Van Heusen)
  7. Beware My Heart (S. Coslow)
  8. The Moment of Truth (Satterwhite, Scott)
  9. Yesterday's Gardenias (Robertson, Cogane, Mysels)
  10. Two for the Seesaw (A. Previn)

Kenny Washington Discography
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