Kenny Washington Discography

My Foolish Heart

Everett Greene My Foolish Heart

Everett Greene

Recorded January 9, 1998
at M & I Recording Studios, NYC

Savant SCD 2014

Houston Person (ts)
Norman Simmons (p)
Ray Drummond (b)
Kenny Washington (ds)
Everett Greene (vo)

  1. When Did You Leave Heaven (W. Bullock, R.A. Whiting)
  2. I'm Falling for You (C. Williams, G. Sanders, J.T. Hubert)
  3. Everything I Have Is Yours (B. Lane, H. Adamson)
  4. If I Were a Bell (F. Loesser)
  5. I Want to Talk About You (B. Eckstine)
  6. My Foolish Heart (W. Bullock, R.A. Whiting, J. Bennett)
  7. Don't Worry 'Bout Me (T. Koehler, R. Bloom)
  8. You Are Too Beautiful (R. Rodgers, L. Hart)
  9. Hello Young Lovers (R. Rodgers, O. Hammerstein II)
  10. The Very Thought of You (R. Noble)

Kenny Washington Discography
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