Kenny Washington Discography


Melvin Rhyne Classmasters

Melvin Rhyne Quartet

Recorded December 19, 1999
at Systems Two Recording Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Criss Cross CRISS 1183

Eric Alexander (ts)
Melvin Rhyne (org)
Peter Bernstein (g)
Kenny Washington (ds)
Daniel G. Sadownick (perc)

  1. Rhyne, Rhythm and Song (M. Rhyne)
  2. Watch What Happens (M. Legrand)
  3. What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life (M. Legrand)
  4. Stanley's Shuffle (St. Turrentine)
  5. Don't Explain (Holiday, Hertzog)
  6. Well You Needn't (Th. Monk)
  7. Oriental Flower (M. Tyner)
  8. Search for Peace (M. Tyner)
  9. Like Sonny (J. Coltrane)
  10. What Is This Thing Called Love (C. Porter)

Kenny Washington Discography
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