Kenny Washington Discography

I Never Went Away

Carol Sloane I Never Went Away

Carol Sloane

Recorded June 14, 2001
at Knoop Music, River Edge, NJ

High Note HCD 7085

Bill Easley (fl, cl)
Norman Simmons (p)
Paul Bollenback (g)
Steve Laspina (b)
Kenny Washington (ds)
Carol Sloane (vo)

  1. I See a Million People (U.M. Carlisle, R. Sour)
  2. How Could You Do a Thing Like That to Me (T. Glenn, A. Roberts)
  3. Maybe (B. Strayhorn)
  4. To You (T. Jones, J. Hendricks)
  5. I'll Buy You a Star (D. Fields, A. Schwartz)
  6. You're Not So Easy to Forget (H. Magidson, B. Oakland)
  7. I'm Not Alone (I. Lins, W. Jennings, V. Martins)
  8. Cotton Tail (E. Ellington, J. Hendricks)

Kenny Washington Discography
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