Kenny Washington Discography

Green-Up Time

Michael Hashim Green-Up Time

Michael Hashim

Recorded July 27 & August 1, 2001
at Robert FitzSimons' Glove Studios, NYC

Hep 2079

Michael Hashim (as, ss)
Will Holshouser (ac)
Eddy Davis (bj, mandola)
Dennis Irwin (b)
Kenny Washington (ds)
The Axis String Quartet
Rob Thomas (vn)
Marlene Rice (vn)
Judith Insell (va)
Catherine Bent (vc)
Wayne Barker (toy piano)

  1. Green-Up Time (Weill, Lerner)
  2. Tango Ballad (Weill, Brecht)
  3. Love Song (Weill, Brecht)
  4. In a Tower Room (Weill, Kaiser)
  5. Lost in the Stars (Weill, Anderson)
  6. Barbara Song (Weill, Brecht)
  7. Solomon Song (Weill, Brecht)
  8. September Song (Weill, Anderson)
  9. Alabama Song (Weill, Brecht)

Kenny Washington Discography
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