Kenny Washington Discography

Somewhere: The Songs of Leonard Bernstein

Bill Charlap Somewhere: The Songs of Leonard Bernstein

The Bill Charlap Trio

Recorded October 15-16, 2003
at The Hit Factory, NYC

Blue Note 7243 5 94807 2 5

Bill Charlap (p)
Peter Washington (b)
Kenny Washington (ds)

  1. Cool (L. Bernstein, S. Sondheim)
  2. Lucky To Be Me (Bernstein, Green, Comden)
  3. It's Love (Bernstein, Green, Comden)
  4. Lonely Town (Bernstein, Green, Comden)
  5. Jump (L. Bernstein, S. Sondheim)
  6. Some Other Time (Bernstein, Green, Comden)
  7. Glitter and Be Gay (L. Bernstein, R. Wilbur)
  8. Big Stuff (Leonard Bernstein)
  9. America (L. Bernstein, S. Sondheim)
  10. Ohio (Bernstein, Green, Comden)

Kenny Washington Discography
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