Kenny Washington Discography

Tomorrow Yesterday Today

Melvin Rhyne Tomorrow Yesterday Today

Melvin Rhyne Trio

Recorded December 11, 2003
at Systems Two Recording Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Criss Cross CRISS 1252

Tad Shull (ts)
Melvin Rhyne (org)
Peter Bernstein (g)
Kenny Washington (ds)

  1. Lover Come Back to Me (Hammerstein, Romberg)
  2. Buffalo (K. Dorham)
  3. Jingles (W. Montgomery)
  4. Darn That Dream (DeLange, Van Heusen)
  5. Niambi (M. Rhyne)
  6. Five Flat Minor (M. Rhyne)
  7. Enchantment (H. Silver)
  8. Tangerine (Schertzinger, Mercer)
  9. Easy Living (Robin, Rainger)
  10. Jingles (W. Montgomery)

Kenny Washington Discography
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