Kenny Washington Discography


Reeds and Deeds Wailin'

Reeds and Deeds

Recorded April 20, 2004
at Systems Two Recording Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Criss Cross CRISS 1258

Eric Alexander (ts)
Grant Stewart (ts)
David Hazeltine (p)
Peter Washington (b)
Kenny Washington (ds)

  1. Somewhere in the Night (B. May)
  2. Stand Pat (E. Alexander)
  3. Big RC (E. Alexander)
  4. Born to Be Blue (M. Torme, R. Wells)
  5. That's Earl, Brother (D. Gillespie)
  6. Russian Lullaby (I. Berlin)
  7. The Shadow of Your Smile (J. Mandel, P. Webster)
  8. Scotch Thing (Gr. Stewart)

Kenny Washington Discography
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