Kenny Washington Discography

Black Butterfly

Barbara Lea Black Butterfly

Barbara Lea with the Loren Schoenberg Big Band

Recorded November 15-16, 2005
at Systems Two, NYC


Seneca Black (tp)
Irv Grossman (tp)
Brian Pareschi (tp)
Randy Sandke (tp)
Mike Christianson (tb)
Eddie Bert (tb)
Bobby Pring (tb)
Brent Wallarab (tb)
Jack Stuckey (as, fl, cl)
Jon Gordon (as, ss, cl)
Chris Madsen (ts, cl)
Mark Lopeman (ts, cl, fl)
Loren Schoenberg (ts, p)
Carl Maraghi (brs, bcl)
Steve Ash (p)
James Chirillo (g)
Yasushi Nakamura (b)
Kenny Washington (ds)
Barbara Lea (vo)

  1. Black Butterfly (Duke Ellington, Irving Mills, Benito Caine Carruthers)
  2. Together (Barbara Lea, Chris Madsen)
  3. Bend a Little My Way (Richard Wolf, Noel Sherman)
  4. Restless (Tom Satterfield, Sam Coslow)
  5. How Will I Remember You (Victor Young, Ned Washington)
  6. It's So Peaceful in the Country (Alec Wilder)
  7. Blame It on My Youth (Edward Heyman, Oscar Levant)
  8. When They Ask About You (Sam H. Stept)
  9. Blackberry Winter (Alec Wilder, Loonis McGlohon)
  10. If I Love Again (Ben Oakland, Jack P. Murray)
  11. I Let a Song Go out of My Heart (Duke Ellington, Irving Mills, Henry Nemo, John Redmond)

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