Kenny Washington Discography

Because of You

Freddy Cole Because of You

Freddy Cole

Recorded February 15 & March 15, 2006
at The Studio New York, NY

High Note HCD 7156

Houston Person (ts)
John Di Martino (p)
Peter Washington (b)
Kenny Washington (ds)
Steve Kroon (perc)
Freddy Cole (vo)

  1. Getting Some Fun out of Life (J. Burke, E. Leslie)
  2. Blame It on My Youth (O. Levant, E. Heyman)
  3. Because of You (A. Hammerstein, D. Wilkinson)
  4. All for You (Nuages) (T. Benett, J. Reinhardt, M.E. Ageron)
  5. If I Ruled the World (L. Bricusse, C. Ornadel)
  6. What Are You Afraid Of? (J. Segal, R. Wells)
  7. You're My Thrill (S. Clare, J. Gorney)
  8. I Got Lost in Her Arms (I. Berlin)
  9. The Gentle Rain (L. Bonfa, M. Dubey)
  10. If We Never Meet Again (L. Armstrong, H. Gerlach)

Kenny Washington Discography
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