Kenny Washington Discography

Louie & Clark Expedition 2

Louie & Clark Expedition 2 Bellson Terry

Louie Bellson & Clark Terry

Recorded May 29-30, 2007
at Clinton Recording Studios, NYC

Percussion Power PERC2

Clark Terry (tp. flh)
Frank Greene (tp. flh)
Tony Lujan (tp. flh)
Stjepko Gut (tp. flh)
Greg Glassman (tp. flh)
Stafford Hunter (tb)
Andrae Murchison (tb)
Cameron MacManus (tb)
Jack Jeffers (btb)
Stantawn Kendrick (as, ss, fl)
Albert Alva (cond, as, fl)
Steve Guerra (ts)
Whitney Slaten (ts)
Adams Schroeder (brs)
Helen Sung (p)
Marcus McLaurine (b)
Louie Bellson (ds)
Sylvia Cuenca (ds)
Kenny Washington (ds)

  1. Chicago Suite 1: State Street Swing (Louie Bellson)
  2. Davenport Blues (Louie Bellson, Remo Palmier)
  3. Two Guys and a Girl (Louie Bellson)
  4. Now (The Young) (Louie Bellson)

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Kenny Washington Discography
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