Kenny Washington Discography

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Dick Oatts (as)

  1. '91 Rénee Manning [sic] As Is
  2. '93 Gary Smulyan Nonet Saxophone Mosaic
  3. '96 Various Artists Eastwood After Hours: Live at Carnegie Hall

Karen Oberlin (vo)

  1. '02 Karen Oberlin Secret Love: The Music of Doris Day

Hod O'Brien (p)

  1. '85 Hod O'Brien Quintet Opalessence
  2. '90 Hod O'Brien Ridin' High
  3. '97 Hod O'Brien So That's How It Is
  4. '04 Hod O'Brien Live at Blues Alley: First Set
  5. '04 Hod O'Brien Live at Blues Alley: Second Set
  6. '04 Hod O'Brien Live at Blues Alley: Third Set
  7. '06 Hod O'Brien Trio I'm Getting Sentimental Over You

Sanpei Ohno (p)

  1. '89 Sanpei Ohno Miki
  2. '91 Sanpei Ohno Trio & Quartet Deep Night

Harold Ousley (ts)

  1. '86 Charles Brown One More for the Road

Frank Owens (key)

  1. '88 Lena Horne The Men in My Life

Jimmy Owens (tp)

  1. '05 Various Artists One More: The Summary: Music of Thad Jones, Vol. 2

Kenny Washington Discography
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